Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Visit to Rumah Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas

To be honest, I am not so keyed up for the Final, which will be held next month (or maybe in August). What more with all the impressive and attractive finalists! ^_^ I will just give it a crack, enjoy this new experience to the max, do my very best and most importantly, I will just be myself; the wacky Amrina Aziz. Hehehe...

However, I am more excited to join the pre-event programs such as the posters and banners photo shoot, which was held last week..., a visit to Zoo Negara and old folks home, catwalk class (can't wait coz I've never been to catwalk class!), beauty workshop with Safi (the main sponsor) and many more. These activities will surely promise a very good opportunity for me to make new friends from different path of life, create networking with the girls, share stories and interest, etc. Sometimes, it is like a therapy for me to be acquainted with new people and listen to their ups and downs in life, how they perceive life. It's quite interesting... :) Lamanya tak lepak Coffee Bean sambil memerhati gelagat KL-ites! Hehehe...

Anyways last Monday, I had a great time at Rumah Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas, Puchong.

Well actually we've been given an option whether to go to Zoo Negara or to the old folks home. Zoo Negara sounds cool, but I chose the later since I've never been to any old folks home before. I wanted to know why and how on earth those people were sent to such place. Don't they have family? children? relatives? What are their pastimes? Who take care of them? Where they earn money to survive?

The benevolent and lovely person who initiated this old folks home is Kak Muji (I forgot to take picture with her, sorry). She was a nurse who survived (fully recovered) from a stage-four breast cancer. She is a SURVIVOR! And you know what? This old folk home does not get any support (be it monetary or daily essentials) from 'pihak bertanggungjawab'. They said that Kak Muji did not adhere to their rules and regulations, where old folks home must be a corner lot residence. I can only smile, hoping that they must have concrete reasons for providing such criteria... :) To Kak Muji (not that she reads pun...), may the force be with you.

Here are some pictures that I managed to snap.

I should have snapped the moments where we were cooking for lunch. Hehehe... Chef tu agak strict and 'lazer' so I was quite afraid to clix-clix! ^_^ Silap-silap ada je yang jerit, "Oi Amrina! Ko nak memasak ke nak berposing?!" Wheeeee!~ *_*

But overall, it was a wonderful experience. I arrived home and wonder, what are the tribulations that God bequeathed to them (their children), sampai tergamak hati nak hantar mak bapak ke rumah orang-orang tua... Can't comment more as I am also a normal human being who never know how I will end my life... Let us pray that we won't be one of them, not the parents, nor the children... Nauzubillah...

Thanks to Nur and for instigating such a precious program! :) Hmph..., if you have leisure tu, try la ke rumah orang-orang tua ni... Menginsafkan... Seriously. Kita rasa masalah kita besar, tapi ramai lagi orang yang mempunyai masalah yang jauh lebih besar daripada kita. Tapi hati mereka gembira, jiwa mereka tenang... KENAPA??? Sebab mereka kembali kepada fitrah manusia yang memerlukan Penciptanya... :)

P/S : Sometimes when we REALLY want to CHANGE, the skeptical and judgmental crux are still residing among our treasured associates. It is conventional to give verdict so as to slip along our journey. No matter what, let the good times roll... BUT, what makes us better than others are the fact that we NEVER capitulate and we keep on bouncing to be a better human being...


Anonymous said... name is iman johan.. as we are aware, the ramadhan's coming... so, if u dun mind, can u email me the address for the rumah orang tua al-ikhlas, puchong... thank u.. may Allah bless you..

Caramalize Aziz said...

Sorry for the late reply. Quite occupied these days. :)

Here is the address requested :

Rumah Jagaan dan Rawatan Orang-Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas,
34, Jalan 6/23,
Taman Putra Perdana,

Phone : 03-83195094 OR 013-3106136

Anonymous said...

bleh ceritakn teknologi apa yg ade utk elders ni eh?
i really wanna know bout that.thanks..

amer said...

maaf,saya da contact nombor telefon tue sebelum tp tiada dalam perkhidmatan n no.handphone tue girl yg guna bkn rumah jagaan tersebut. ada x cara laen yg boleh saya hubungi rumah jagaan ini?

yatie said...

saya dah try call sblmni guna hphone yg terdapat di blog amni but tak dpt contact, saya nak buat program bulan boleh bantu dapatkan latest contact no.....tank you..

yatie said...

boleh bg no phone yg latest utk dihubungi, nak buat program bulan oktoberni...thanks..